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How to Get Started and Become Successful in Author Marketing

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It is the dream come true for every author to get as many followers and readers of their books. Unfortunately, most authors have a hard time getting many readers, I mean, they are writers and authors not marketers, right? Even so, there are ways you can become good at both writing and marketing to get the most out of your books and at the same time get the highest number of readers. We are talking of 10k+ readers which is very much achievable when learn the ropes of marketing your books at How do you go about it?

First and foremost it starts with having a good book and a good book in this case is one that expresses your ideas and intentions perfectly. This is best done when you have a clear definition of your readers. Whom are you writing to and why are you writing? What message do you want to convey across to your readers? What literacy work do you wish to portray and convey to your readers?

The second step when you want to market your book is familiarize yourself with the best author marketing tools and latest marketing channels available. There are so many marketing channels that authors can take advantage of; both traditional and modern forms of marketing. It, however, starts by you identifying the channels that will yield the best results based on where your targeted audiences are. For most authors today, this is email marketing and social media marketing. These are the two channels that have proven quite effective for modern day authors who want to take their books directly to the hands of the readers. Make sure to see page here!

These two forms of author marketing can yield very positive results, but only when done correctly. You don’t want to be sending emails to potential readers and have the emails end up in spam boxes now do you? You also don’t want to send emails to the wrong category of readers and they end up leaving the emails unopened. The same holds for social media marketing. You might be forced to pay for ads such as Facebook ads in order to customize the demographics of your readers. Within no time your books will start to sell like crazy to people who are truly interested and looking forward to them. The best way to get started with author marketing is to read and research as much as possible when it comes to author marketing. Find a blog with useful content and subscribe and get access to the best information and author marketing tools at your disposal to get you started. Find out some more facts about marketing through